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Does any of this sound familiar?

For Individuals

Everything may look good on the outside, but I feel empty and unfulfilled inside.

My partner broke-up with me, and I can’t seem to move past the pain.

I know that this relationship is going nowhere, but I can’t seem to break it off.

I’m having an affair.  I’m not sure what to do.  This new relationship makes me feel so good, but should I leave my spouse?

I can’t sleep at night because of work stress.

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For Couples

We used to be able to talk for hours, now we can’t talk about anything without it becoming a fight.

We have become more like roommates and less like lovers.

Our relationship looks great on paper, and all of our friends look to us for inspiration, but we know that we are faking it.

One of us is jealous for no reason, and it is breaking us apart.

An affair has been revealed and we aren’t sure it we can get past it.

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