Same-Sex LGB Couples Counseling

I offer Gay Affirmative Therapy for Gay, Lesbian, and questioning women in the San Fernando Valley (including the Pasadena area).  I provide both individual therapy and couples counseling for women in same sex relationships.

What does it mean that you are a Gay Affirmative Therapist?

Sometimes, with the best of intentions, therapists do gay clients a disservice by treating them “like everybody else.” In doing so, they overlook the unique challenges lesbian and gays face.   They might not be “homophobic” but are they “heterocentric”?  Do they know the difference?  Do you?

I hear well-meaning therapists all the time say “couples are couples.”  Really?  Do straight couples worry about holding hands in public?   Are straight couples in different stages of coming out to their parents?  I could go on, but hopefully if you are reading this you “get it.”

All relationships aren’t the same.  While same-sex couples have many of the same challenges as heterosexual couples, they also face additional outside pressures due to homophobia that create conflict within the relationship. These issues include: family acceptance, different levels of comfort with being “out” and religious/cultural expectations.

You are paying good money to see a therapist-don’t be their guinea pig.  See a therapist who is trained in the dynamics of same sex couples.  I am a member of the Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy Association.  I regularly attend conferences and trainings on the unique struggles of the gay community.

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