Self Help Books for Relationships Including GLBT

Sometimes people want to first try self-help versus going to see a counselor. I get that. These are recommendations of books that I have read, trust, and use daily as a therapist—and some as a wife 😉  For those going through a rough heartbreak I also have song recommendations.


gottman books list

Dr. John Gottman is the leading researcher on relationships. He uses empirically based methods to figure out what makes couples work or fail.
List of Recommended Gottman Books


affair recovery book list

Affair Recovery. The book to the left is helpful also:
Recommended Books by Janis Abrahms Spring




For Gay & Lesbian Couples

The work of Books by Betty Berzon is well researched and respected. Link will take you to her writings.

This is one of the best books for Same-Sex Lesbian Couples:
lesbian couples self help books

This book gives practical advice on different aspects of lesbian (or same-sex female) relationships:

Helpful in identifying and treating the specific ways that living in a hetero-centric environment leads to depression in the Gay & Lesbian Community.

lesbian depression book


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